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The Wellness Campus Policies

Participant Code of Conduct



Mission: To provide All children and adolescences with the skills and confidence to adopt and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.


Vision: To set a national standard of excellence for pediatric health and wellness.  Combating the widespread epidemic of childhood chronic diseases related to physical inactivity and poor nutrition. 


Company Objective

Here at The Wellness Campus, we hold our staff and administration to the highest standards possible to ensure a positive experience for your child. Keeping our quality of service and standards high, we must ensure all participants follow our code of conduct.  This code of conduct applies to all participants and programs here at The Wellness Campus.



Dress Code - Personal Items

  1. Participants must wear appropriate clothing for the task at hand.  During land fitness classes, all participants must wear non-binding athletic clothing and lace up athletic shoes. ​

  2. During aquatic classes, males must wear appropriately sized swim trunks containing a draw string. Females must wear a 1 piece swim suit that fits appropriately, and continues to appropriately fit during workouts.

  3. Jewelry, hats, coats and any other unnecessary personal accessories are not permitted during any fitness class at The Wellness Campus.

  4. Personal items will need to be stored in a cubby or locker upon arrival, before class begins.  Toys and other unnecessary personal effects are not allowed in TWC.

  5. Participants who are issued an inhaler from their doctor must bring their inhaler properly labeled with their name to any fitness class they attend.  Any personal medical supplies must be properly labeled and checked in with TWC administration.


TWC Policies

  1. Once a participant has entered The Wellness Campus, they will only be permitted to leave with a parent or guardian. Participants are not permitted to leave our facility independently for any reason.  All participants of any aquatic class will depart from the aquatic facility.

  2. When participating in aquatic workouts, all participants must follow all rules of Aquaventure regarding the aquatic facility and locker rooms.

  3. Participants will not be allowed to transfer directly from water to land under any circumstance.

  4. Food and drinks are not allowed in the fitness facility under any circumstance.  Participants will not be allowed to have anything in their mouth during fitness classes.

  5. Upon arrival for class, all participants must wait in the lobby until called by and instructor or administrator.  Participants must be sitting in a chair while they waiting for their class or event.

  6. Any item that is not directly related to a student’s participation in a fitness, nutrition, or adapted swim class is not permitted in TWC.   Example: Toys, video games, Legos, action figures, etc.



  *All items listed below are cause for dismissal from class:


  1. Profanity, physical/emotional violence, or destruction of property.

  2. Hazing/manipulation of other students, instructors or administration.

  3. Disruption of class operation, refusal of participation, or unsportsmanlike conduct.

  4. Physical or verbal harassment/disrespect of another student or instructor.

  5. Using any implement for means other than instructed.

  6. ANY action that endangers the safety of your person, other participants, instructors or administration.



Code of Ethics Enforcement

Instructors and administration operate on a 3-strike system during all classes and events.  If a participant receives 3 strikes during a class, they will be removed from class and sent home.  Strikes are accumulated from violating any item listed above.  The enforcement of our code of conduct is to ensure a safe and positive experience for all participants. 


If a participant is removed from class twice during a 5-day period, he or she will be suspended from all programs/events at The Wellness Campus for a 7-day term.  If a participant is removed from 3 classes during a 30-day period, the continuation of their enrollment will be at the discretion of TWC administration, who holds the right to terminate any client without refund.

Monthly Membership Agreement

As a member of The Wellness Campus, you will be required to uphold a monthly membership agreement.  This agreement will be subjected to a predetermined monthly rate that will remain constant until your membership is canceled.  As an active member, your account will be billed each month.  All payment methods will be scheduled for a monthly automatic draft.  In the event an automatic draft fails, it will be reprocessed a maximum of 3 times for ACH bank drafts, and 5 times for all other payment options.  If your payment fails to process after being reprocessed through the duration of 1 billing cycle term, you will be required to pay your remaining balance in addition to a $25.00 late fee during the next immediate billing cycle.  If you fail to settle an overdue balance within the next immediate billing cycle, the status of your current membership will be suspended.  This suspension will be reviewed by The Wellness Campus’ administration, and the continuation of your contract will be at their discretion.  If your account balance remains overdue after 3 billing cycles, you will be turned over to collections, and your account will continue to be billed until you have completed The Wellness Campus’ cancelation policy.


Cancelation Policy

In the event, you wish you cancel your All Access Membership, there is a 30-day cancelation process that must take place.  During this 30-day process, your membership will remain active and your current billing cycle will be processed as scheduled.  You must provide a signed version of The Wellness Campus’ cancelation application completed in its entirety.  Once this document is received, your 30- day cancelation term begins. Once your account balance is paid off completely, your membership will no longer be active, and all subsequent monthly payments will not be processed by The Wellness Campus.  Failure to abide by these cancelation terms will result in an active membership that will continued to be billed.  After your yearly membership term has expired, you will have the option of continuing your membership status on a month to month basis while keeping your monthly payment at the same rate as outlined in your membership package.  The Wellness Campus’ cancelation policy will continue to apply to members who are on a month to month basis.   If you do not wish to continue your membership, you must complete our cancelation policy during your last billing cycle.  If you fail to do so, your membership will remain active on a month to month basis until you complete The Wellness Campus cancelation policy.


Pre-Paid Membership Agreement

All pre-paid memberships must be paid-in full upon registration.  There will be a one-time payment amount that will be outlined in the package you choose to purchase.  All pre-paid memberships will expire 365 days from the date listed on your payment receipt.  Once your transaction is completed, all sales are final.  The Wellness Campus will not refund any monies that are collected for purchasing a pre-paid membership.  Pre-paid memberships are non-refundable.  Upon the expiration of your 365-day membership, you will no longer be a member.  All pre-paid members will have the opportunity to renew their 365-day pre-paid membership for the payment amount listed on their previous pre-paid membership receipt.  All pre-paid membership renewals must take place within 30 days after the expiration date listed on your receipt for your previous pre-paid membership.  After 30 days, you will forfeit your opportunity to renew your pre-paid membership for the same payment amount listed on your previous pre-paid membership receipt. 


Membership Details

As a member of The Wellness Campus, you must register for classes/services 72 hours in advance to receive a guaranteed reservation in that class/service. All registration will be done online through The Wellness Campus self-service portal.  A link for The Wellness Campus self-service portal will be available at www.  Failure to do so will forfeit your guaranteed spot as outlined in your membership package.  All memberships will allow your child unlimited access to any class as it is outlined in your purchased membership package.  Your child may only participate in classes of their current age group.  Exemptions to this policy will be at the discretion of TWC administration.   

By purchasing any class package or membership with The Wellness Campus, you are agreeing to uphold our policies and Code of Conduct. 

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