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Improving your health and fitness is the key to improving your quality of life. When talking about “quality of life”, the term functionality is produced. Being able to complete your tasks of daily living is the difference in living independently and requiring assisted living circumstances. Lowering your heart rate, cholesterol and A1C levels, will greatly decrease your risk for developing cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, and stroke.

These chronic diseases are the leading cause of death in our country with CVD being the most common. This is no secret, you have heard this information many times before, but what does it mean? How does it affect you and your child?

Through a proper diet and regular physical activity, you will decrease your chances of developing these chronic diseases. But wait! The Wellness Campus is for kids, not adults! This statement is partially correct, we also offer parent child classes! However, your children are a direct reflection of you and the behaviors you consistently display. If you want to see your own behaviors and tendencies, watch your child for 30 minutes and you will see many behaviors in them they you also have. The way they talk, the way they choose to complete challenging tasks, and even the way they socialize with others.

By nature, humans are creatures of habit. The behaviors that we consistently display define us and our quality of life. What habits do you participate in daily? How much time do you spend sitting, walking, eating, sleeping, or interacting with your social relationships? Do you take the stairs instead of the elevator? Do you circle around the parking lot 3 times to get a spot closer to the store instead of just walking? The good thing about being creatures of habit, is that our behavior produces patterns. These patterns can be positive or negative. They can make us stronger or make us weaker. Your state of mind, your immune system, your components of fitness, your social relationships, and the list goes on. Do your habits have a positive or negative impact on your lifestyle?

Grab a sheet of paper, make two columns. The first column will contain habits that are healthy and proactive, and the second column will contain negative habits that hinder your quality of life. Think about your entire day yesterday. Now fill out both columns on this list. No habit is too small or too big, look for patterns in your daily routine and list them in the appropriate category. When making this chart, honesty is your best friend.

We are what we consistently do, the habits and behaviors you display are the same habits your children will display. Our children are a direct reflection of the lifestyle and images produced around them. Which side of your list was longer? How many of those same habits do you see in your child? Here at The Wellness Campus we offer all children the tools to build their own healthy and active lifestyle. Instilling positive, proactive behaviors that have the chance to last a lifetime. From fitness to nutrition, we allow children to be creative as they make the next step in their journey to an awesome lifestyle!

Like health and fitness, this blog is a marathon not a sprint. Stay tuned for next month's topic!

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