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Children: What images does that bring to mind? Happy, healthy, playful, lean individuals with sparkles of hope in their eyes for the future. That is what I always thought of until recently. The truth is, that as a nation, we have unhealthy children. One out of three are overweight and carry a high risk of becoming diabetic within five years. Physical activity seems to be a forgotten pastime and the somatic complaints from our young has skyrocketed. Decreased flexibility, obesity and poor nutrition has become the norm and it is carrying a high price for us/them to pay in the future.

Injuries from physical activity has increased because our children are no longer physically fit. Diabetes type II is on the rise in the pediatric population. It is a more aggressive disease than the adult onset version. Complications such as stroke, cardiovascular disease, renal disease and blindness have an increased risk of occurrence and is present at a much earlier age.

We need an intervention for their health and that is why The Wellness Center evolved. Statistics show that proper nutrition, healthy weight and moderate vigorous daily physical activity actually decrease the risk of developing Diabetes Type II.

Our goal is to provide exercise, nutrition and cooking programs in a nurturing, FUN environment. We will also be extending these services to special needs populations, creating another resource for family support.

It takes a community to raise a child and we here at The Wellness Center are a part of that community. We invite others to join us on the journey to providing a brighter, healthier future for our children.

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