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Our Registration Process


Here at The Wellness Campus, we have been hard at work to provide our clients with an effortless approach to participating in our programs.  We now have a new operating system that allows us to setup an account for each student, giving you the ability to control your child’s schedule with ease. 

This registration must be completed by all new and current clients.


Our online Self-Service portal allows you to purchase classes and packages online with the click of a mouse!  you will be able to view our available class schedule 2 months in advance.  From here you can book your child into any class of your choosing within your purchased package.  You will also be able to view how many available spots are in any given class.  What if the class is full? Now worries, we have the option for you to reserve a spot on the waiting list for that class!  If you have more than one child, you can easily keep track of their schedules using the “My Schedule” feature of our Self-Service portal.  Also, please contact our program coordinator, Serena Tegler if you are registering more than one child.  Having this operating system allows us to tract your child’s progress with ease, resulting in their ultimate success with our programs.


To register, you will visit our website ( and click any registration link on our page.  From here you will be required to setup an account for your Self-Service portal.  The information that you enter needs to reflect your child’s information.  There will be a field for you to enter “parents name” once the account is created.  Follow all directions given by the registration process and you will have no issues becoming a part of our family here at The Wellness Campus.  Please be sure to fill out all available information fields under your accounts “basic Info”.  This information is directly input into our system and helps us stay up to date on your child’s account.


Once your Self-Service account is setup, you are now able to buy classes/packages and schedule them for your child online!  This is a convenient service that allows us to keep our operations efficient and organized for our clients.  When booking your child into classes, you will be able to place them into a class up to 24 hours prior to the classes scheduled start time.  This means you must register for classes at least 1 day in advance.  You can manually be placed into any class by speaking with our program coordinator, Serena Tegler.  If you wish to remove your child from a booked class for any reason, you must do this no later than 72 hours prior to the classes scheduled start time.  If you fail to do so, your payment or credit for that class will not be refunded.  If emergency situations arise and you need to remove your child from a class, please contact our program coordinator Serena Tegler, for assistance.

Serena Tegler

Phone: 252-375-3231


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