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This is a 60 minute, vigorous, FUN workout covering all aspects of health and fitness.  Strength/endurance, aerobic capacity, and flexibility, are a few of the concepts your child will learn! 


Teaching proper warm-ups/cool downs, and safe exercise methods, is all a part of the “Fit” Camp experience. Our personal trainers, Coach Adam and Coach Amber, motivate and guide each participant to reach their full potential while promoting a fun environment! 


We offer this program on land and in the water, providing our students with the best of both worlds. 


A wide variety of games are utilized as participants navigate each exercise session to help them sharpen skills learned in class. Indoor and outdoor facilities are available for use, expanding the types of activities available for

utilization during each workout session. 


Classes are divided into 2 age groups; Ages 6-11 and ages 12 and up.  Along with a class size of no more than 12 participants, this model is designed to provide your child with a very interactive and personalized atmosphere.



Our Program


Every week, classes of different disciplines will be taught to provide students with a variation of new skills to learn and improve their health and fitness.  These classes will take place on land and in the water with our team of health and fitness professionals. This allows your child’s program to begin at any time!  Each week your child will have the option of taking land classes or aquatic classes!  Each class will display a different component of fitness per day.  These classes are also offered at alternating times each day, allowing parents to easily adapt their schedule.   



*Fitness Testing And Evaluations Every 8-Weeks*

*Easily Track Your Child's Improvements*

Take A Look For Yourself!

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