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Adapted Swim Class

Among other special needs, Autism can be challenging to manage. The symptom spectrum varies greatly and the communication deficits that exist creates a great barrier to overcome for families and therapist. Somehow we must find a way to “connect” and Aquatic Therapy has provided a good environment where many autistic children seem to thrive. It is a good “social” experience, a fun environment and promotes a healthy lifestyle. These are just a few of the positive

changes noted with Aquatic Therapy.


Sensory integration dysfunction

  • Soothing experience from the surrounding hydrostatic pressure 

  • Increased tolerance of touch following aquatic therapy


Physical benefits 

  • Increase in overall “fitness”

  • Increase in proprioceptive skills (balance)

  • Increase in muscle strength

  • Good cardio workout


Social skills

  • Increase personal interactions in a fun, interactive environment

  • Decrease anxiety

  • There are reports of increased eye contact after Aquatic therapy


Water safety

  • Learn how to swim!

  • Caregivers are encouraged to accompany child and participate in their swimming class.


It’s great therapy and can be a

very positive social activity. 

Tuesday's & Thursday's

4-5:00 pm

5-6:00 pm

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